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Philips Respironics GmbH

Philips Respironics InnoSpire Deluxe

Philips Respironics InnoSpire Deluxe

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Article number: 1099973

HMV number: (the list of medical aids for statutory health insurance)




2010A year set SideStream, reusable

1113525 Filters (4 pieces)

1113054 User Manual (cannot be ordered)

Reliable therapy with built-in convenience

  • Robust device for use at home
  • Treatment in less than 5 minutes*
  • *when used with 2.5ml Salbutamol
  • Nebulizer kit included
Therapy takes less than 5 minutes*

Therapy takes less than 5 minutes*

In combination with our reusable SideStream nebulizer, the device is designed for rapid drug release and short treatment times.

Everything you need in one place

Everything you need in one place

When developing the InnoSpire Deluxe, care was taken to make your nebulizer treatment practical and easy by integrating additional storage space into the device, where you can store all your therapy accessories.

Sturdy handle for easy portability

Sturdy handle for easy portability

Weighing just 2 kg, the InnoSpire Deluxe is light enough to carry back and forth. And since your accessories are neatly stored inside the device, they're securely kept together in one place.

Consistently produces a high quality aerosol

Consistently produces a high quality aerosol

Our SideStream nebulizer is specially designed to keep your treatment times as short as possible. As the InnoSpire Deluxe pushes air through the tube, additional air is drawn in through the top of the nebulizer to allow rapid inhalation of the aerosol medication. A treatment can be delivered in as little as 5 minutes.* Designed for frequent use, SideStream will efficiently deliver nebulizer medication to you until it's time to replace the nebulizer.

Compatible with popular prescription nebulizer medications

Compatible with popular prescription nebulizer medications

Capable of nebulizing a wide variety of medications that are regularly used to treat various respiratory conditions.

Philips Inno



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