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Philips Respironics GmbH

Philips DreamStation Go - Auto CPAP machine - Portable sleep therapy machine

Philips DreamStation Go - Auto CPAP machine - Portable sleep therapy machine

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Article number: DEG502S13

HMV number: na (the list of medical aids for statutory health insurance)


DreamStation Go - the travel auto-CPAP device from Philips Respironics - portable sleep therapy device

Specifications for Philips Respironics DreamStation Go:

• Pressure range: 4 to 20 cc H2O

• Print modes: APAPe

Philips Respironics DreamStation Go

DreamStation Go travel therapy device - innovation for on the go

The DreamStation Go is a sleep therapy device designed with travelers in mind. Thanks to its compact design and practical functions, it enables the best travel comfort, unrestricted performance on the go and is therefore the perfect addition to your trip. Due to its light weight and innovative design, the DreamStation Go is so handy that it fits in any suitcase and thus improves the efficiency of your sleep therapy on the go.

The intuitive touchscreen with color display ensures quick and easy operation. A slim, flexible hose that is compatible with all masks makes the device very easy to use. In addition, the DreamStation Go has an integrated power supply, reducing the number of parts in your luggage for more space in your suitcase. It is also approved in airplanes and also works with a travel battery (which you can find under "CPAP accessories" or under "Similar items" below) if there is no power connection. The integrated USB port for easy charging of mobile devices, for example, and a Bluetooth interface for using the DreamMapper app offer additional convenience.

The DreamMapper app lets you take an active role in your sleep therapy. You can use this app to track your daily success and get device and mask usage guides. The app is available free of charge for smartphones and tablets.

Dream station go Philips CPAP

Philips dream station go

Philips dream station go


With fewer parts and the size of a toiletry bag, the DreamStation Go offers more space in your suitcase.

• DreamStation Go Auto CPAP

• Charging cable

• 12mm MicroFlex hose

• Mask adapter

• Filters

• Quick Start Guide & User Guide

Dreamstation to go Cpap Bipap

Replacement parts and accessories for Philips Respironics DreamStation Go:

1133281 - Philips Respironics DreamStation Go High Performance Travel Battery

1133744 - Philips Respironics DreamStation GO 30-day fine filter

1133743 - Philips Respironics DreamStation GO pollen filter reusable

1133275 - Philips Respironics travel kit Small hard case for DreamStation Go

1133276 - Philips Respironics travel kit hard case medium for DreamStation Go

CEGH - Dreamstation GO Heated Humidifier

1133281 - DreamStation GO Attachable Travel Battery (Lithium Ion)

1132555 - Europe power cord: 1.5 m

1132556 - Europe power cord: 3.0 m

PR12 - DreamStation Go 12m Micro-Flex breathing hose

1133741 - DreamStation Go Beauty Cover - Front

1133742 - DreamStation Go Beauty Cover - Back

1133743 - Pellet filter, reusable - 2 pack

1133744 - 30 Day Fine Filter - Pack of 6

1128074 - PR12 mask adapter, RP

Additional Notes/Additional Information:

Please note that this article is a hygiene product. In principle, an exchange is only possible with unopened, undamaged packaging. / Please note that this is in an hygienic article. As such, returns are only accepted for articles with unopened packaging.

For purchases from outside the EU, please note that additional import duties may apply in your home country. / Please note that additional costs for importing into your home country can occur when purchasing from outside the EU zone.

Philips sleep mask therapies respironics



Download the manual here:

Quick start guide Philips Respironics Dreamstation-GO


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