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Philips NightBalance DE - sleep position trainer for sleep position therapy

Philips NightBalance DE - sleep position trainer for sleep position therapy

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Item number: L2EU01DE

(HMV number: the list of medical aids provided by statutory health insurance)


Philips NightBalance – an alternative to CPAP sleep position trainer for sleep position therapy: mask-free sleep apnea therapy

Restful sleep without a mask.

  • High wearing comfort
  • Easy to get used to
  • Suitable for travel
  • User-friendly app
  • Sleep analysis
Networked technology

Networked technology

The mobile Philips NightBalance app allows you to easily track your therapy progress. You also have the option of sharing your therapy data with your doctor or medical retailer using Bluetooth-enabled therapy.

Getting used to your therapy

Getting used to your therapy

NightBalance works with an adaptation program so that you can gradually get used to the treatment of position-dependent obstructive sleep apnea. For the first 2 nights, the device monitors your sleeping behavior and does not carry out any therapy. Vibrations will begin gradually on nights 3 to 9 to allow you to get used to the new POSA therapy. From day 10 onwards, the treatment will be carried out in full whenever therapy is needed - to reduce the amount of time you spend sleeping on your back.

Actual results

Actual results

More than 70% of people using NightBalance have experienced long-term improvement in three of the most common symptoms of positional OSA, including: unrefreshing sleep, fatigue, and episodes of paused breathing, gasping, and/or choking during sleep.

How NightBalance works

How NightBalance works

NightBalance emits gentle vibrations to help you turn on your side without waking up. The device automatically adjusts the intensity of the vibrations to provide you with therapy tailored to your needs.

Positional OSA is more common than you might think

Positional OSA is more common than you might think

Position-dependent OSA is a special form of classic sleep apnea, as symptoms such as pauses in breathing predominantly occur when lying on the back. Almost half of all people with OSA have position-dependent OSA. If you suffer from positional OSA, sleeping on your side can significantly reduce your symptoms. Position-dependent OSA can be diagnosed through a sleep analysis. If sleep analysis shows you have positional OSA, talk to your doctor about NightBalance.

Is this the right therapy for you?

Is this the right therapy for you?

Do you suffer from position-dependent OSA but cannot tolerate CPAP therapy? Do you find using a mask unbearable because it gives you a dry mouth or a sore nose? If so, NightBalance could be the right answer for you.

We are on your side and enable mask-free sleep apnea therapy

We are on your side and enable mask-free sleep apnea therapy

NightBalance is a compact, user-friendly solution for the mask-free treatment of position-dependent OSA. The compact device is worn around the chest with a comfortable, soft and adjustable strap.

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