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Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel Zest Q Nasal Mask with Exhaled Air Distributor - Nasal CPAP Sleep Therapy Mask

Fisher & Paykel Zest Q Nasal Mask with Exhaled Air Distributor - Nasal CPAP Sleep Therapy Mask

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Fisher & Paykel Zest Q Nasal Mask with Exhalation Diffuser - Nasal CPAP Sleep Therapy Mask


"Q" stands for "quiet"! This compact and user-friendly mask from Fisher & Paykel promises first-class comfort.

Thanks to FlexiFit™ technology, the mask automatically adjusts to many nose and face shapes, made possible by the foam padding. The fitting process is done in one simple step, without the need for complicated adjustments.

The exhalation air distribution pad, a comfortable air distribution system, prevents air from being blown onto your sleeping partner and significantly minimizes annoying noise. The specially designed, breathable headband ensures a tight fit and can be removed effortlessly. The hooking/unhooking mechanism protects the Velcro strap and preserves the selected size setting.

The mask is compatible with all common CPAP devices. The Glider™ sliding band allows maximum freedom of movement and prevents leaks, even when the head is turned to the side. The mask pressure remains constant, which reduces leaks to a minimum.

The Easy-Clip silicone seal can be easily installed or removed in one step, allowing for quick and effortless cleaning. The new design ensures a perfect fit and correct alignment of the frame, resulting in optimal mask performance every time you use it.

Zest™ Nasal Masks provide better nose coverage, a better fit, a lighter feel and are easier to use. The mask includes even more features that make Fisher & Paykel Healthcare masks so popular. Zest™ Nasal Masks are available in three sizes and are delivered fully assembled and ready to use.

With foam insert The mask automatically adjusts to numerous nose and face shapes thanks to FlexiFitTM technology. It can be put on in one step and does not require complicated adjustments.

The FlexiFoamTM foam insert offers greater comfort thanks to the unique design of the soft, lightweight and supportive foam. The FlexiFoamTM foam insert features an advanced active fit that naturally conforms to the patient's face.
The GliderTM sliding band offers freedom of movement while maintaining a good fit. The mask stays in place when you turn your head, minimizing leaks.
The Easy-Clip silicone seal can be put on or taken off in one step for quick and effortless cleaning. Variable thickness silicone (VTSTM) is super soft and provides a better seal and more comfort.
The maintenance-free air diffuser directs the air flow away from the mask wearer's partner and minimizes exhaust noise.
A comfortable and breathable stretchy headband - specially designed to maintain a tight fit.
Easily remove the headgear in one step using the glider clip or hidden headgear closure. Reassemble without re-adjustment.

scope of delivery

The Zest Q Nasal Mask includes:
Easy-Clip silicone mask cushion
• FlexiFoam ™ padding
• Stretchgear™ headband
• Glider™ band
• Q-cover and exhalation air distributor

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The F&P myMask™ app is designed to assist with patient mask fitting. F&P myMask helps you and your patients effectively fit, fine-tune and clean F&P CPAP * masks for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

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