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Nachtwaechter Schlafprodukte GmbH & Co. KG

Nachtwaechter neck comfort pillow 80x40cm

Nachtwaechter neck comfort pillow 80x40cm

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  • NEA soft: even softer and with better support.

    Configure your own dream pillow!
    The Nachtwaechter comfort pillow NEA soft is a world first among the popular neck pillows.
    No visco foam block! Rather, absolute softness and perfect comfort and support for your neck thanks to the visco cover and 100% variable special flake filling!

    The cushion height and hardness can be individually adjusted!
    And offers incomparable comfort thanks to the unique Visco cover!
    Thanks to the two different sized neck ridges, it can be used by both small people and tall people with broad shoulders.

    Size: 80x40cm. Fits into any standard cover!

Even softer and with better support thanks to the unique comfort filling!

A pillow as individual as you!
Simply make YOUR own individual neck pillow!
Easily adjust the height and hardness yourself. This means you can adapt the pillow perfectly to your requirements and your feeling.

Very easy with the NEA soft neck comfort pillow.

The advantages:

Developed in Germany, Made in Germany. An outstanding neck comfort pillow that can be individually adjusted in height and hardness

  • Specially developed ergonomically optimized orthopedic shape.
  • Cozy and highly comfortable sleeping experience.
  • Perfect symbiosis of 2 pillows.
  • 2 different sized neck ridges.
  • Available in 3 hardness versions: easy, normal and soft for even more comfort.
  • Can ensure better sleep, i.e. longer periods of deep sleep.
  • Can provide significantly improved sleep behavior.
  • Made in Germany. No Chinese goods.
  • Absolutely odor free.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Height infinitely adjustable! Individually adaptable thanks to filling material made in Germany.
  • Cushion hardness adjustable! Individually adaptable thanks to filling material made in Germany.
  • Optimal pressure relief, individually adjustable using filling material.
  • Developed in Germany.
  • High quality Tencel cover.

  • Additional Notes/Additional Information:

    Please note that this item is a hygiene product. In principle, an exchange is only possible if the packaging is unopened and undamaged. / Please note that this is a hygienic article. As such, returns are only accepted for articles with unopened packaging.

    When purchasing from outside the EU, please note that additional import customs duties may apply in your home country. / Please note that additional costs for importing into your home country can occur when purchasing from outside the EU zone.

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