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Philips CPAP mask Amara Gel (with exhalation valve and with headgear) full mouth and nose mask

Philips CPAP mask Amara Gel (with exhalation valve and with headgear) full mouth and nose mask

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Article number: 1090420 - XS: Amara GEL mouth and nose mask

Article number: 1090421 - S: Amara GEL mouth and nose mask

Article number: 1090425 - M: Amara GEL mouth and nose mask

Article number: 1090426 - L: Amara GEL mouth and nose mask

Resource number: (the list of aids of the statutory health insurance)

Philips Respironics Amara Gel CPAP Full Face Mask (with exhalation valve and headgear):

  • Particularly suitable if you breathe through your mouth at night or suffer from restricted nasal breathing.
  • Modern gel technology: thanks to a soft and skin-friendly gel cushion, this mask guarantees a high level of comfort without pressure points. Nevertheless, the mask cushion has an excellent seal to prevent leakage while sleeping.

  • Elegant design: The simple, transparent mask frame of the Amara Gel shines with its particularly low weight, which makes it even more comfortable to wear. With 10 selectable positions, the forehead support also offers enough adjustment options for every face type, so that the mask fits perfectly in all positions.

  • Plenty of freedom of movement: The 360-degree rotatable connection piece gives the user increased freedom of movement and a quick-release fastener makes it easy to remove the hose in the meantime.

Technical details:

Mask Type: Full Face Masks

Sound power level: 28 dBA

Noise 20-25dBA

Mask cushion material: gel

Treatment pressure: 4 to 30 hPa

Pressure drop measurement: 0.6 cm H2O at 50 l/min ; 1.5cmH2O at 100L/min

Storage temperature: -20°C to + 60°C

Sound pressure level: 20 dBA

Weight: 150-200g

Flow resistance at 50 l/min: 0.6 cmH2O, at 100 l/min: 1.5 cmH2O

scope of delivery

  • mask frame
  • mask cushion
  • headband
  • forehead support
  • angle
  • fitting

Spare parts and accessories for Amara mouth and nose mask:

Philips masks

1090490 - Gel mask cushion, size XS

1090492 - Gel mask cushion, size S

1090493 - Gel mask cushion, size M

1090494 - Gel mask cushion, size L

1090288 - Mask frame, smaller size (RS)


1090297 - Headband, Amara

1090296 - Headgear, Amara, smaller size (RS)

Amara Gel

1090289 - mask frame

1040114 -Silicone brow pad

1071877 - Headgear Clips

312710 - Oxygen adapter

1081899 - Quick Release

All your advantages at a glance:

  • Innovative composition of the mask cushion increases wearing comfort
  • Improved forehead cushion reduces pressure points
  • Precise adjustments possible with headbands and forehead cushions
  • Freedom of movement
  • Angled micro vents ensure quiet operation and direct air away from your partner

    Additional notes/additional information:

    Clean the mask (except for the headgear C ) after each use: 1. Hand wash the mask in lukewarm, soapy water. Do not allow parts to soak for more than 10 minutes. 2. Rinse the parts thoroughly with clean water, making sure any soap residue is removed. 3. Inspect all parts to ensure they are visually clean. If necessary, repeat the cleaning steps until all parts are visually clean. 4. Allow all parts to dry before assembling. Avoid direct sunlight.

    Please note that this article is a hygiene product. In principle, an exchange is only possible with unopened, undamaged packaging. / Please note that this is in an hygienic article. As such, returns are only accepted for articles with unopened packaging.

    For purchases from outside the EU, please note that additional import duties may apply in your home country. / Please note that additional costs for importing into your home country can occur when purchasing from outside the EU zone.

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    Download the manual here:

    Product Data Sheet for Philips Respironics Amara Oral Mask

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