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Philips DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced with humidifier and Bluetooth only

Philips DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced with humidifier and Bluetooth only

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Innovation in sleep apnea therapy

The DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP with the unique FLEX comfort settings and automatic pressure regulation combines efficient breathing therapy with the highest level of user comfort.

Maximum ease of use thanks to Flex Comfort technologies

The unique Flex Comfort modes allow for a gentle build-up of pressure during inhalation and a reduction in pressure at the start of exhalation.

The new “Ramp Plus” function with memory function allows the user to use a lower initial pressure, making it easier to fall asleep. Once activated, the function starts automatically.

Clinically proven Auto-CPAP algorithms

Due to body position, sleep stage or e.g. B. When taking medication, the user sometimes needs different pressure levels during the night. The clinically validated auto algorithm automatically adjusts the therapy pressure to these different pressure needs. This enables efficient therapy with the lowest possible pressures.

Integrated warm air humidifier

The integrated warm air humidifier controls the heating output fully automatically based on the room temperature, thereby ensuring optimal humidification. The desired humidification can be adjusted individually.

Individual therapy adjustment for more compliance

The DreamStation 2 enables personalized CPAP therapy using special functions such as EZ-Start, CPAP Check and AUTO Trial, thereby increasing therapy acceptance and compliance.

Quiet & safe therapy

The DreamStation 2 is particularly quiet and ensures undisturbed sleep and greater therapy acceptance. The intuitive color touchscreen enables clear navigation and easy handling. The performance check every time you use it and the mask check after every use ensure safe therapy.

Simple and quick control of therapy efficiency

Detailed therapy data such as flow curves, AHI, pressures, air leaks, proportions of periodic breathing, compliance and much more are stored on the integrated SD card. The events are automatically evaluated using the Care Orchestrator evaluation software. This allows the doctor to quickly and easily check the effectiveness of therapy.

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