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F&P Solo™ Nasal Nasenmaske Fit-Pack mit 3 Kissengrößen (S+M+L)

F&P Solo™ Nasal Nasenmaske Fit-Pack mit 3 Kissengrößen (S+M+L)

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F&P Solo™ ushers in a new era of CPAP* mask innovation

We’ve created the world’s first AutoFit™ mask – simply stretch to fit, touch to adjust and then sleep knowing AutoLock™ technology will hold it comfortably in place.

Always follow the directions for use.

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Simplifying setup like never before


World’s first AutoFit mask
Simply stretch the mask over your head and onto your face.


One-touch adjustment
Adjust for your preferred fit by sealing the mask under your nose with a gentle push.


AutoLock technology
Holds the mask in place while you sleep.

Simple, every night

Revolutionary headgear design that allows for easy adjustment during the night
Explore our interactive mask render below.


The mask you choose matters

A mask that fits comfortably and securely can significantly improve your experience with treatment. The mask you choose to use should be one that fits you well, seals against the face effectively, and aligns with your lifestyle.1

93% of trial users rated their experience with the F&P Solo mask as simple or very simple.2

One mask; two comfortable cushion options

We know it’s nice to have a choice, which is why the F&P Solo mask is compatible with both our nasal and nasal pillows cushions which can be interchanged to suit the patient's preference.


Sizing and fitting
Cushions Headgear
There are two cushion options to choose from.
Nasal: Smallmediumlarge and wide.
Nasal pillows: Smallmedium and large.
The one-size headgear fits all cushion sizes.
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