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Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel Vitera CPAP Full Face Mask (1 Mask Cushion) - full face mask - PAP sleep therapy mask

Fisher & Paykel Vitera CPAP Full Face Mask (1 Mask Cushion) - full face mask - PAP sleep therapy mask

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Aid No. (the aid directory of the statutory health insurance)

The Fisher & Paykel Vitera is a full-face mask that offers a successful combination of comfort, stability and breathability. Its special feature is the unique comfort it offers. Thanks to the innovative VentiCool technology, the mask allows air and moisture to be removed from the headband in a breathable manner. The texture of the headbands has been proven to be gentle and comfortable on the skin and does not interfere with sleep.


  • Innovative VentiCool technology
  • no sweating under the mask
  • Adjustable headband, removable head clip for optimal individual adjustment and fit
  • Easy to put on and take off the mask
  • Fisher & Paykels RollFitTM – Technology
  • Light mask and very quiet

Performance combined with comfort

Comfort is unique. Comfort is personal. Comfort is a crucial factor for successful therapy. 1,2 That's why we believe that optimal comfort is important every night and not just during the first consultation.

Perfectly coordinated F&P Vitera™ technologies ensure optimal stability, breathability and comfort every night.

Comfortable headband with breathable VentiCool™ technology

The Vitera headgear is made from VentiCool, a proprietary breathable material inspired by sportswear that allows more air and moisture to escape than the material we use in our leading full-face masks. *

95% of patients rated the headgear as equivalent or more comfortable than their usual mask headgear. 3

* Internal testing has shown that the headgear with VentiCool technology provides 21 times more airflow and more than 35% better moisture transfer than the headgear used in our market-leading FullFace masks.4

360° freedom of movement

Freedom of movement with RollFit™ XT technology

RollFit™ XT, with its 93% increased rolling ability compared to our previous generation RollFit, in combination with the stabilization element ensures that the mask cushion does not slip. 5 The soft silicone cushion rolls back and forth. In contrast to the previous generation of our full-face mask, the small Vitera mask cushion has been made a little smaller, while the large one has become a little larger.

User-friendly features

cpap mask


Fischer CPAP mask

Reorder numbers

Reorder numbers for masks

code Description
VIT1SU Vitera FullFace Mask, Small, U-Model
VIT1MU Vitera FullFace Mask, Medium, U-Model
VIT1LU Vitera FullFace Mask, Large, U-Model
VIT1SSU Vitera double mask cushion, small/small, U-model
VIT1MMU Vitera Double Mask Cushion, Medium/Medium, U-Model
VIT1LLU Vitera Double Mask Cushion, Large/Large, U-Model
VIT1MLU Vitera Double Mask Cushion, Medium/Large, U-Model

Reorder numbers for spare parts

code Description
400VIT131 Vitera FullFace Mask without headband, small*
400VIT132 Vitera FullFace Mask without headband, medium*
400VIT133 Vitera FullFace Mask without headband, large*
400VIT111 Vitera replacement mask cushion, small
400VIT112 Vitera Replacement Mask Cushion, Medium
400VIT113 Vitera Replacement Mask Cushion, Large
400VIT121 Vitera Headband, Small
400VIT122 Vitera Headband, Medium/Large
400FPH241 F&P swivel joint
400VIT151 Vitera clips and headband clip
400VIT171 Vitera angle piece

* Not available in all countries.

F&P myMask App

Support if
it is most important

The F&P myMask™ app is designed to assist with patient mask fitting. F&P myMask helps you and your patients effectively fit, fine-tune and clean F&P CPAP * masks for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

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