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Philips mask cushion for Nuance & Nuance Pro - Gel Cushion

Philips mask cushion for Nuance & Nuance Pro - Gel Cushion

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HMV number: na (the list of medical aids provided by statutory health insurance)

Accessories for NUANCE masks

Philips mask cushion for Nuance & Nuance Pro - Gel Cushion

The Nuance Pro mask cushion. It provides an effective and comfortable seal with minimal contact area, avoiding pressure points.


Causes less irritation

Causes less irritation

The soft, flexible gel cushions enable minimally invasive therapy and adapt to nostrils of different sizes. Users report less discomfort and pressure sores in their face, nose, and nostrils than with their prescribed mask.1
Available in different sizes to suit all patients

Available in different sizes to suit all patients

The gel cushion is available in three different sizes and fits almost all nose shapes.
Comfort, sealing and stability

Comfort, sealing and stability

The gel cushion encloses the entire nasal opening and provides exactly the right pressure for the therapy. By placing the pillow directly against the nose, there are fewer leaks and the patient can enjoy a more restful sleep.1
Better sleep quality

Better sleep quality

The minimally invasive and soft gel pads provide a more comfortable seal. Patients are more satisfied with their sleep quality compared to traditional pillows.

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